July 28, 2018

Pop Culture, Mental Health, and Therapy

I have the good fortune of living in San Diego County, the home of Comic-Con. I didn’t manage to grab tickets for the main event, but there were plenty of things to see outside of the convention center. Last week, I attended a panel featuring several “nerdy” authors (Alan Kistler, Dr. Travis Langley, Jonathan Maberry, Dr. Billy San Juan, Dr. Janina Scarlet, and Dr. Lynn Zubernis). I had two reasons for attending this particular panel. First, I wanted to get my copy of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight signed by Dr. Travis Langley (a book that will be the focus of a future blog […]
July 13, 2018

Role-Playing’s Social Benefits

I’m a huge fan of Humans of New York. The pictures and accompanying stories of human experiences they share are rich and thought-provoking, and they’ve also raised millions of dollars for various charitable causes! Last week, they posted a man’s story about joining a role-playing community. When I talk about role-playing in therapy, I’m usually referring to acting out real-life scenarios. For example, if a client is struggling with assertiveness, we might practice how to move and speak with more confidence. When a client has an opportunity to practice maintaining eye contact, sitting or standing up straight, and saying “no” […]
July 1, 2018

Myers-Briggs in “The Commuter”

Warning: This blog post contains minor spoilers. Is it just me, or is The Commuter essentially just Taken on a train (but not nearly as awesome)? Liam Neeson plays your typical hard-working father who unknowingly gets involved with dangerous people, and now he has to beat those people up in order to save his family. The Commuter may be a “popcorn flick,” but one piece of dialogue caught my attention (and, for better or worse, led to this blog post being written). Michael: So, in your job, you sit down, strike up a conversation. Then what? Joanna: Okay, let’s say there are […]
June 13, 2018


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